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12h Non-stop Electronic & Alternative Music (Lives/Djs) /// Art/Fire/Mapping/indoor&outdoor/Bars&Food
Nous avons pris le temps de construire cet événement spécial afin de pouvoir vous proposer une sélection artistique hors du temps.
Voici dès lors la liste non exhaustive de ce qui fera pétiller vos yeux, vibrer votre corps & stimulera votre esprit.
■ □ Gabriel Ananda (Soulful Techno) // Live ■ □
Gabriel sees himself more as a deliverer of music than solely a creator. For him, performance is not a service, nor a grandstanding, but rather a gift. He feels the connection with people on an eye level, an experience with the music as an event in which he is equally a participant and a creator, just like every guest is.
Precisely out of this moments a really successful „Soulful Techno“ radio show came to life in 2013. A podcast and a platform for carefully selected, soulful and unique, authentic tracks. The podcast itself generated an enormous feedback from listeners all over the world and eventually planted a seed for Soulful Techno music label and an event platform in 2016.
■ □ Amare (Emotional Techno) // Dj Set ■ □
Emotional techno, dirty bass lines, uplifting house. Amare's sound is best described as deep, melodic, sensuous, sassy, with an exotic hint, and a joyful touch. Music is her medium to spread the love and connect people. ‘Amare’ is a Latin verb, ‘to love’, an active name that describes her energy.
In her aim to bring like-minded people together, Amare contributes actively to the electronic music scene in her home city, Brussels. She is a resident DJ at the Non peut-être parties, and is involved in FTRSND (future sound). She helps organizing several events, among others Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM), a festival whose mission is to promote local artists and collaboration between the different collectives in the city. In 2017, Amare started her own party concept, Audacious.
■ □ Adriano Rosso (Tech-House) // Dj Set ■ □
■ □ DJ soFa (Electronic Experimental) // Extended Dj Set ■ □
DJ soFa could easily be considered as "Brussels best kept secret" but actually those in the know, diggers, geeks & music aficionados have him on their radar for a while. Delivering quality mixes for Sanpo Disco or whypeopledance helped to shine a light on this versatile musical activist but it's above all his two compilations "Elsewhere" including dope tracks from solid underground fishes (Khidja, Tolouse Low Trax, Bufiman...)and a fair batch of newcomers or quite unknown artists. We're glad to have him on board with this lovely mixture !
■ □ Jo Funk (Funk) // Dj Set ■ □
■ □ Rapunzel Music (Cotton House) // Dj Set ■ □
" Rapunzel Music est un personnage paranoïaque qui s'efforce de créer un paysage fleuri caché dans son dôme magique"
■ □ JOHN KROOK (Minimal-electro) // Live ■ □
■ □ UMAH (Psyche/Rock) // Live Band ■ □
■ □ Sam Hopkins & Two Hands (Deep House&Tech) // DJ set ■ □
VJ Insomnia: "Tente de gérer ses pulsions scopiques en puisant dans un univers visuel largement cinéphilique".